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International Organizations
ICRISAT - Agricultural Research station 25 km from Niamey
World Agroforestry Centre - Tree Databases

Trees, Shrubs, & Lianas of West African dry zones
Trees & Shrubs of the Sahel - unavailable
Lost Crops of Africa: Grains, Vegetables, and Fruits

Organizations in Niamey
Cooperative Banituri - spiruline producer
Eden Foundation - plants for food to combat desertification

Stores in Niamey
JTS - tropical seeds in Niamey, with demonstration plot near Petit Marché NB-29 P165 - Tel. 2073-3205 , 9656-3835


West Africa Plants Database
African Plant Database - "Conservatoire et jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève"
Crop names in Hausa and Zarma Table starts on page 7
Educational Concerns for the Hungry Organization (ECHO): a wealth of information on small farm tropical agriculture
Floridata: tropical plants grown in Florida and around the world including the Sahel
Fakara Plants - A photographic guide to common plants of the Sahel
Hausa Plant Names
Plantfacts: combined database of plant info from every land-grant university in the USA and several Canadian govt agencies
Plants for a Future: Edible, medicinal, and useful plants for a healthier world
Protabase : Access to webdatabase on useful plants of Tropical Africa
Self-Sufficiency Pages: Gardening and Farming resources on the web

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Plantes du Sahel à intérêt alimentaire

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