Lantana verbenaceae

Lantana verbenaceae
Botanical Family: Verbenaceae

Common names:

  • English
  • French
  • Hausa
  • Djarma
  • Gourmanche
  • Tamashek
Lantana flower Lantana
Flower photo here Fruit photo here

Lantana is usually found as a shrub, sometimes an invasive one, this species is trailing and a very useful cover for sunny areas. It has rough, dark green, ovate leaves and an almost continuous display of rosy-mauve flowers. There are other forms on which the flowers are yellow, white , pink, or a combination of colors. It spreads by by mean of creeping stems which can reach 4 meters in length and can thus be effective in a raised container or hanging basket as well as in the ground. Lantana needs full sun and well-drained, slightly dry soil to do well; it will die back in a place that is frequently flooded or water-logged. Propagation is by means of cuttings or rooted stems.

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