Coulaoussa coleus

Calaoussa coleus
Botanical family: Labiatae
Common names:
  • English
  • French
  • Hausa
  • Djarma
  • Gourmanche
  • Tamashek
This has developed into a highly varied and immensely decorative group of low growing herb or shrubs (which in some reference works now appears under the botanical name of Plectranthus). They have brightly colored leaves in a wide range of patterns ana spikes of small purple-blue- flowers. The most common colors are red, bronze, or yellow, but many beautifully patterned hybrids have been produced. The leaves of some all green varieties native to Southeast Asia are used in flavoring food. Coleus grow most vigorously in regions where temperatures Do not rise above the mid-80sF and likes full or filtered sunlight and well drained soil. It is easily propagated by means cutting

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