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homepagetreeWelcome to Plant Sahel, a user-built encyclopedia of plants found in the Sahel region of West Africa. This site provides pictures and information about trees, flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and plants in the Sahel.

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This site is an initiative of the Niamey Gardening Club.

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- Click on the category you wish to add to
- Click "Add a new page" in the Page Toolbox on the right side of the screen
- Select "Plant Species Profile (template)”
- Add any information you know about the species. This could include information about where it grows, how it grows, how it is used, etc.
- Upload photos if you wish, be replacing the Photo placeholders with your own pictures
- When finished, click on "Save" in the EasyEdit Toolbar.

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Disclaimer: Because plantsahel is maintained by volunteers, most of whom are amateur gardeners, the accuracy of information posted on this site cannot be guaranteed. Please consult with a professional before using information from this site.